Buy Bundle Wrapper Right-Angle (Collation, Stacking) in Bundle Wrappers from Smipack available at Astrolift NZ
pwb-smi-019, Bundle Wrapper Right-Angle (Collation, Stacking), Bundle Wrappers from Astrolift
Model Number


Working Table Height (mm)

820 - 980

Sealing Bar Length (mm)


Heat Tunnel Chambers (#)



Right-Angle Conveyor In-feed

In-feed Lanes (#)


Pack Collation

Pack Collation

Vertical Stacking


Boxes Per Hour (#)


Power Supply

Single Phase

Air Pressure (Nl)


Air Consumption (bar)


Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Overall Height (mm)

2105 - 2265

Weight (kg)


Box Height (mm)



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This machine is ideal for use in high-speed production lines. Incoming products are sorted into lanes as they enter the machine, before being collated into a set grouping then stacked vertically (for example a 2x4x2 bundle). This bundle is then passed through a curtain of shrink film which is cut and sealed around it, before passing through the integrated heat tunnel to shrink the film around the bundle.

  • Delivery: Some Assembly Required
  • Finish: Powder-coated
  • Pack collation - Able to create multi-row and column groups of products from single or multiple-lane in-feeds
  • Vertical stacking - Able to stack singular products or groups of products on top of each other
  • Infeed conveyor and tunnel belt controlled by Inverter
  • Product carrying by automatic left or right conveyor
  • Product presence photocell
  • Motorised pusher controlled by Inverter and Encoder
  • Motorised upper film unwinding controlled by Inverter
  • Motorised lower film unwinding
  • Automatic, semi-automatic, pass through mode
  • Pneumatic sealing bar and cold blade
  • Sealing bar with safety sensors
  • Power and control section made up of:
    • Inverter
    • 16 digital input/output command modules
    • Analog inputs command modules
  • Systems that allow simple and accurate control of all current operations such as:
    • Storing of 20 different working cycles
    • Automatic control of the bar height
    • Speed adjustment of the shrink wrapper and tunnel conveyors
  • Adjustable tunnel airflow
  • Tunnel conveyor equipped with heat resistant glass fibre bars which ensure that:
    • The conveyor stiffness grants stability to the products passing through, for a compact and well-shrunk pack
    • The conveyor has a capacity of 30kg per product
    • The conveyor bars never get rusted
    • The maintenance is easy and low cost
  • Oven cooling system
  • Low power consumption 
  • Complies to: CE Certification
  • 1 Year Warranty