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Hooded Traffic Safety Mirrors - Convex

Our Hooded, Convex Safety Mirrors come with a super strong, flexible reflective polymer which is 200 times stronger than glass. This creates a mirror which greatly reduces the glare from light. Added safety features, including the plastic that is used, which will not produce toxic fumes when burnt or set on fire as a result of vandalism. Great for security both inside and out, these quality safety mirrors are provide ideal security options for areas prone to theft and vandalism.


Hooded Traffic Security Mirror Key Benefits

  • Astrolift Traffic Safety Mirrors are equipped with adjustable swivel mounting and brackets

  • Convex Mirror, for a wide range of view

  • Hooded outdoor mirrors are fully adjustable and come with hardware to connect to a 50mm post, and protect from the sun's glare

  • Astrolift Anti-theft mirrors are fully adjustable and come complete with hardware for wall mounting

  • Security Traffic Mirror has a full 130-degree actual viewing angle


Hooded Traffic Safety Mirror Uses

  • The hood on the safety mirror makes these ideal for areas of glare from the sun
  • Astrolift security mirrors are heavy duty and are great for indoor or outdoor use
  • These security mirrors are ideal for security and are built to withstand vandalism

Also see Anti-Theft Traffic Safety Mirrors

  • 3 Year Warranty

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