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Warehouse Barrier

  • Published: October 23, 2019

  • Updated: November 18, 2021

Warehouse barrier is designed for either protecting from impacts or guiding pedestrians.

Our barrier ranges provide the safety you need for your equipment, machinery and staff. You have many options across both steel and high-impact flexible materials. The type of barrier chosen for the space depends on the speed and weight of machinery, and how you need the barrier to function in your space.

Which Barrier Type Do I Need?

We have a few different types of warehouse barrier available, but that doesn’t mean you have to exclusively use only one.

Each barrier type is suited for specific areas and levels of impact. By using a combination of barrier types based on the areas they are to go into, you will create a seamless and efficient barrier system for your workplace.

Check out our safety barrier and bollard showcase website to view all products

Is Steel Or Flexible Barrier Better?

There are a lot of differences between steel and flexible plastic barrier that aren’t obvious at first glance – Parts replacement, food-safety, installing in extreme temperatures.

We’ve broken down these for you so you can see which type of barrier better suits your area’s needs.

Pedestrian Barrier

Pedestrian barrier simply creates clearly marked walkways for lower-impact areas, complementing our more tolerant barrier products and are available in both steel of flexible plastic.

Traffic Barrier

Traffic barrier is purpose-built for protecting people and assets from vehicular impacts. Depending on your vehicle sizes and load weights there are multiple options available in both steel and flexible plastic.

Mezzanine Loading Gates

Mezzanine loading gates allow pallets to be moved to and from mezzanine floors and dock areas safety. The operator rolls the gate over allowing them to safely remove the pallet form the loading area without a risk of falling off of the mezzanine, due to the Rollover gate always guarding the opening.

Expandable Barrier

Personnel safety gates protect pedestrians from inadvertently walking out into traffic lanes, unauthorised areas, dockway or dangerous areas. These expandable barriers can be expanded and retracted for accessibility as needed and can either be permanently mounted or portable to allow for the barrier to be stored away.