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  • Published: October 23, 2019

  • Updated: November 18, 2021

There is no specific legislation covering workplace barrier for traffic management, however there are various safety certifications that barrier can apply to, to which our barrier ranges have been tested and certified for.

While there is no specific legislation covering workplace barrier for traffic management, in certain situations the product can act as a handrail.

In other situations, workplace barrier should be able to withstand some degree of impact to repel vehicles and protect pedestrians. To this end, we have tested our product to certain impact tolerances as stipulated in AS/NZS 1657.

These criteria give an indication of the kind of impact forces that a barrier can withstand, and evidence that the product has been tested by an external engineering firm.

Our consultants will examine the vehicle weights speed, and impact angles to make recommendations about what level of impact protection to install in different areas of your work site. Should you require it, we can produce the certificates to show the results of testing.

Compliance for different Barrier Types

Pedestrian Barrier

Pedestrian barrier acts as a visual guide for pedestrian movement throughout the workplace. Workplace traffic management barrier systems are not recommended for use as a guard rail for heights. All our products comply with Section of AS/NZS 1657 (legislation pertaining to guard rail for heights) regarding minimum rail and infill rail heights for hand/guard rail.

Traffic Barrier

All our traffic barrier complies with NZS 1170.1, Section 3.8 a) i). This means the barrier will withstand a 30kN impact, which equivalent to a 3-ton vehicle directly impacting the barrier at 7.2km/ hr. The single rail GuardX traffic barrier and all A-SAFE traffic barriers also comply with Section 3.8 b) which implies the ability to withstand an impact of 40kN. This is the equivalent to a 4-ton vehicle directly impacting the barrier at 7.2km/hr.

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A-Safe Flexible Barrier

In addition, A-SAFE traffic barrier complies with Section 3.8 a) ii). This means the barrier will withstand a 240kN force, which covers most reasonably foreseeable impacts from heavy vehicles in the workplace. A-SAFE is also suitable for use in car parks, and complies with AS/NZS 2890.1: 2004 Parking Facilities, Section 6.1.1b) and c)