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Pallet Trucks

  • General-purpose Pallet Trucks (2-Way)

    General-purpose Pallet Trucks (2-Way)

    The general purpose pallet truck range starts from a 1680kg capacity and finishes at 3000kg. We stock 520mm wide and 685mm wide pallet jacks, although we are able to customize widths based on your needs and are built to be highly durable. Give us a call to discuss your options.

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  • Low Pallet Trucks (4-Way)

    Low Pallet Trucks (4-Way)

    A 4-way (low-profile) pallet truck usually has a lowered height of 65mm or less. This allows the truck to slide under a standard CHEP rental pallet from both sides, thus making access easier in tight spaces. We also stock a 4-way galvanised pallet jack. Just drop us a line to find out more about this range.

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  • Special-Use Pallet Trucks

    Special-Use Pallet Trucks

    Our special-use pallet jack range includes extra-wide pallet trucks, extra-long pallet trucks, and ones for handling rolls.

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  • Corrosion-Resistant Pallet Trucks

    Corrosion-Resistant Pallet Trucks

    Corrosion-Resistant trucks usually have a hot galvanised dip finish or are constructed from stainless steel. These pallet jacks are able to withstand damp, cold, and chemical environments. We have a 4-way galvanised pallet truck. Just ask to find out more.

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  • Electric Pallet Trucks

    Electric Pallet Trucks

    The electric pallet trucks are ideal for moving heavy loads around your site. Semi-electric pallet jacks will move the pallet under power but you have to manually pump up the pallet, but fully-electric pallet trucks will lift the pallet under power and move the pallet truck as well.

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  • High-Lift Pallet Trucks

    High-Lift Pallet Trucks

    This product is basically a mobile lift table with forks instead of a flat table. Pallets can be lifted to a good working height and moved around your work site. Astrolift stocks both manual pumping high-lift pallet trucks and automatic machines which do the lifting for you.

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  • Pallet Truck with Scales

    Pallet Truck with Scales

    These pallet trucks with scales built-in are ideal for situations where you are shifting loads and needing to check the weight at the same time.

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