Packaging Equipment

  • Bag Heat Sealers

    We are exclusive NZ agents for Hacona heat and vacuum sealers. Hacona bag sealer machines are extremely high-quality machines built for commercial applications. Talk to us today!

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  • Box Erectors and Tapers

    Our range of quality box erectors and carton tapers is an ideal solution for your production lines.

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  • Pallet Wrappers and Rotators

    Our Pallet Wrappers and Rotators are ready for use in your warehouse with semi-automatic and automatic models to suit your requirements.

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  • Shrink Wrappers

    Astrolift is a leading supplier of shrink wrap machines, tunnel wrappers, l-bar sealers and bundle wrappers. These shrink wrappers come in just about any configuration for all levels of production and many different types of product. Get in contact to discuss your requirements.

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  • Strapping Machine Systems

    Our strapping machines are excellent for securely strapping loads to pallets and fitting into your existing strapping systems. They strap just about any type of material for the NZ market, and our strapping machines come in both manual and automatic configurations.

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