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Why do I need barrier?

Barrier and Safety | Buyer's Guide

Keeping everyone safe

barrier keeping everyone safe

When people and moving machinery work in the same area, the chances of something going wrong get exponentially higher. In our workplaces, we need to make certain that our workers, machinery, and products remain safe at all times, and one way to head-off a lot of potential dangers is with the installation of traffic and pedestrian barrier.

New Zealand’s concerning safety track record

We need to make sure that our workplaces are keeping individuals safe, and not helping contribute to these statistics.

Fatalities Serious harm incidents

7 fatalities involving forklifts and moving machinery since May.

7 fatalities involving forklifts and moving machinery since May.

16 serious harm accidents involving forklifts in the last 8 weeks.

16 serious harm accidents involving forklifts in the last 8 weeks.

Barrier helps prevent accidents

Pedestrian barrier - helps prevent accidents

Our barrier ranges provide varying levels of protection depending on the area that they are installed. The pedestrian barrier ranges provide a means of directing foot traffic, and keeping people out of areas they shouldn’t be moving into. Traffic barrier provides greater protection, having the stopping power to keep people safe from potential impacts from vehicles or forklifts.

The material used in barrier also greatly contributes to a safer environment, whether using steel barrier from the GuardX range, or the flexible memaplex A-SAFE barrier range. All of our barrier is coated in safety-yellow for increased visibility and safety.

The two main brands of barrier that we supply are:

A-SAFE Flexible Barrier GuardX Steel Barrier


A-SAFE Flexible Barrier 


GuardX Steel Barrier 

A-SAFE features:

  • Flexible plastic barrier that reforms after impact
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Doesn’t damage the floor when impacted
  • Modular design

GuardX features:

  • Sturdy steel barrier
  • Modular design
  • Available in Galvanised finishes

More details on both ranges further down.

We can both supply and install

Supply and Install - galvanised traffic barrier

Our team of trained barrier professionals will guide you from planning to installation, making the process simple and error free. Being a Materials Handling and Packaging Machinery business, we work with many industries on a daily basis, giving us an understanding of the hazards that exist in your workplace.


When you get your barrier through Astrolift, a dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to your project from the scoping phase. He will know the details of your project, having been involved in the design process. We will work to resolve any issue and keep you informed of progress.

The Project Manager will also oversee the installation team and ensure that the project stays on track. We pride ourselves on clear communication, and strive to make your project a pleasurable and easy experience.

We have assisted many well-known New Zealand businesses with their barrier requirements, including:

Unbiased Recommendations

Because we stock three discrete barrier product lines (flexible plastic barrier, steel guard rail, and steel pipe rail), we aren’t tied to promoting a single product. We recommend the best value product combination to achieve a result which is safe, provides optimal traffic management and is within your budget.

Skilled Network of Installers

We have a network of experienced installers throughout New Zealand who have worked with some of New Zealand’s largest companies. They are more than happy to assist with projects of any size.

You will be assigned a Project Manager who will manage the installers and work closely with you to ensure fuss-free installation. Astrolift works hard to ensure that our installers are fully trained on product and installation procedures. We can also help your team to do the install in-house. Our modular product lines are easy to install and come with the necessary spacers, fixings, angled posts, and other accessories necessary for non-standard configurations.


A-SAFE traffic and pedestrian combo barrier

Our project personnel are trained on safety requirements for working at a client’s site. Should your company have safety checklists and induction processes in place then we are more than happy to complete these prior to entering your site.


While there is no specific legislation covering workplace barrier for traffic management, in certain situations the product can act as a hand rail.

In other situations, workplace barrier should be able to withstand some degree of impact to repel vehicles and protect pedestrians. To this end, we have tested our product to certain impact tolerances as stipulated in AS/ NZS 1657.

These criteria give an indication of the kind of impact forces that a barrier can withstand, and evidence that the product has been tested by an external engineering firm.

Should you require it, we can produce the certificates to show the results of testing.


Pedestrian Barrier Traffic Barrier A-SAFE Barrier

Pedestrian barrier acts as a visual guide for pedestrian movement throughout the workplace. Workplace traffic management barrier systems are not recommended for use as a guard rail for heights.

All our products comply with Section of AS/NZS 1657 (legislation pertaining to guard rail for heights) regarding minimum rail and infill rail heights for hand/guard rail. 

All our traffic barrier complies with NZS 1170.1, Section 3.8 a) i). This means the barrier will withstand a 30kN impact, which equivalent to a 3-ton vehicle directly impacting the barrier at 7.2km/ hr.

The single rail Guardx traffic barrier and all A-SAFE traffic barriers also comply with Section 3.8 b) which implies the ability to withstand an impact of 40kN. This is the equivalent to a 4-ton vehicle directly impacting the barrier at 7.2km/hr.

In addition, A-SAFE traffic barrier complies with Section 3.8 a) ii). This means the barrier will withstand a 240kN force, which covers most reasonably foreseeable impacts from heavy vehicles in the workplace.

A-SAFE is also suitable for use in car parks, and complies with AS/NZS 2890.1: 2004 Parking Facilities, Section 6.1.1b) and c)


A-SAFE Overview

A-SAFE is a globally trusted flexible barrier system. No other barrier has been as rigorously tested for various impacts and impact angles as A-Safe. A-Safe product is put through a stringent testing process at various speeds, weights, and angles to determine the maximum impacts for a specific vehicle weight, angle, and speed.

A-SAFE flexible barrier reforms after impact

New hygiene seals are revolutionary for sensitive environments. The non-scratch, non-repaint properties of the system create huge cost savings on maintenance. In-built modularity assists easy install and quick repairs. Multi-directional posts allow the system to fit more economically into any facility.


Flex  Absorb  Reform 

A-Safe is designed to flex on impact from a vehicle to protect the barrier, the vehicle, driver, and pedestrians. 

Memaplex™ polymer barrier absorbs and dissipates impact forces, preventing damage to floor and fixings. 

A-safe barrier returns to its original shape and position, enabling it to resist more impacts. 

Material with a memory

Sturdy A-SAFE flexible traffic barrier

During manufacturing, the molecular structure is reoriented in a straight line giving the material a built-in memory. This means that the A-Safe barrier is flexible, absorbs and dissipates impact forces, repels the source of the impact, and returns to its original shape.

All of A-SAFE’s products are made from MemaplexTM, a robust and flexible polyolefin blend of materials with rubber additives. It’s a three-layered material that’s exclusively manufactured by A-SAFE. The three combined zones, are comprised of eight blended polyolefin and rubber materials.

Memaplex Technical Overview


Memaplex flexible barrier absorbs impacts


  • Contains UV absorbers that protect the polymer.
  • Contains no hazardous substances.
  • Is not classified as dangerous.
  • Has an ignition point of 360°C in the presence of a burner flame and 409°C in the absence of a burner flame. (At these temperatures, the surroundings will have ignited.)
  • Will not give off toxic or noxious fumes should it ignite.
  • Can withstand temperatures between -40°C to +50°C

A-SAFE Barrier Range

We supply a wide range of A-SAFE barrier types available including:

Pedestrian Barrier  Traffic Barrier  High Barrier  Swing Gates 
A-SAFE Pedestrian barrier A-SAFE Traffic Barrier
A-SAFE High Barrier
A-SAFE Swing Gates
Lifting Gates Rack Guard  Bollards  Column Protectors 
A-SAFE Lifting Gates
A-SAFE Rack guards
A-SAFE flexible bollards
A-SAFE column guards

View Range


GuardX Overview

GuardX traffic and pedestrian barrier is constructed from high-quality steel. We think it’s the best-looking steel rail system on the market. Rails tuck in between posts, giving Guardx rail a thin profile – taking up less valuable space. The bolts screw into the insides of the posts, hiding them from plain sight and making this system very pleasing to the eye.

GuardX steel traffic barrier protecting walkway

Unlike road-barrier style systems, GuardX rails are rolled under at the top so that they are smooth and comfortable to grip as a hand rail. This eliminates the need to install an additional hand rail.

GuardX traffic barriers have a simple modular bolt-together construction. The system is fixed to the ground using four standard Dynabolts at each post base. We stock 8 standard lengths of rail and can customize lengths where required. Spacers can be provided for levelling uneven surfaces.

Built to protect

Our double traffic rails have been certified to withstand a 30N force - the equivalent of direct impact from a 3 ton vehicle traveling at 7.2km/h (section 3.8 a,i of AS NZS 11170) whereas our single traffic barriers can withstand a larger 40N force.

The 3 rib rail and 3 bolt connection makes this the most rigid design of guard rail available, and the 5 millimeter base plates are sturdy to absorb maximum impact and provide a stable base for securing barrier to concrete flooring.

Customized to your needs

On top of their modular design, the GuardX barrier range can be customized further to suit your needs. By default, our barrier comes in safety yellow, but it can also be ordered in a range of other colours should you require something different. Our steel barrier is also available in powder-coated, galvanised, or powder-coated over galvanised finishes.

Safety Yellow  Signal Red  Tingle Gloss  Shotover Street  Sky  Pearl White  Matt Ghost Grey  Matt Charcoal 

GuardX Barrier Range

Pedestrian Barrier  Traffic Barrier  Gates  Mezzanine Loading Gates  Bolt-down-bollards 
GuardX steel Pedestrian barrier

GuardX steel traffic barrier

GuardX steel gates

GuardX mezzanine gate
GuardX steel bolt down bollards
Cast-in Bollards  Removable Bollards  Stainless Steel Bollards  Downpipe Protectors  Expandable Barrier 
GuardX steel cast in bollards
GuardX steel removable bollards
GuardX stainless steel bollards
GuardX steel downpipe protectors
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GuardX expandable barrier

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If you would like more information on all of our barrier ranges, have a look at our new Barrier Solutions brochure. 

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