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Materials Handling Equipment

  • Conveyors


    We have a range of conveyors for loading, assembly, and dispatch activities including Flexible Conveyors, Pallet Conveyors, Gravity Roller Conveyors and Vehicle Loading Conveyors.

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  • Drum Handling Equipment

    Drum Handling Equipment

    We have equipment to move drums around your work site with ease. We stock drum dollies, drum cradles, drum lifters, drum tilters and drum rotators and also forklift-mounted drum lifter.

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  • Lifting Equipment

    Lifting Equipment

    Lifting equipment for all areas such as lift tables, pallet stackers and other equipment for lifting irregular shaped loads. We can also custom manufacture lifting machines or attachments to suit your workplace needs.

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  • Pallet Handling

    Pallet Handling

    Pallet handling equipment for every area: pallet inverters, pallet changes, pallet wrappers, pallet dispensers, pallet rotators, pallet conveyors, pallet trucks. Get all of your equipment for handling pallets from Astrolift.

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  • Access Equipment and Ladders

    Access Equipment and Ladders

    Our Access equipment ranges including container ramps, forklift cages, ladders and other equipment for safely accessing difficult to reach places.

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  • Electric Tugs

    Electric Tugs

    The electric tug is a powered unit for towing or pushing loads of up to 10,000kg. These battery-powered tugs are available in smaller walk-behind models, ride-on, or self-driving units.

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  • Roll Handling Equipment

    Roll Handling Equipment

    We stock a range of roll handling products for making lifting, shifting and manipulating rolls easy.

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  • Stillage and Freight

    Stillage and Freight

    We stock a variety of storage and bin options including Stillage and Pallet Cages, Plastic Bins, Wheelie Bins, and Self-dumping bin forklift attachments.

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  • Trolleys


    We have trolleys to suit your situation. Astrolift stocks airport trolleys, self-levelling and roll-cage trolleys, mesh trolleys, laundry trolleys, single and multi-tier platform trolleys, and shopping trolleys. They come in a range of materials, dimensions and configurations.

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